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Teacher's Pet enables you to use data to create a classroom program that is responsive to student learning and achievement by giving you tools to manage assessment scores, curriculum expectations, and capture anecdotal student progress.

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Curriculum Expectations

Teacher's Pet makes it easy to track which Curriculum Expectations have been covered, how many assessments were tagged to them, and how each student has performed against each specific expectation.

Anecdotal Notes

It's not just the destination, but also the journey. Capture anecdotal notes and observations about your students, and tag them against any subject or learning skill to give you a full 360 degree view of their performance throughout the year.


With our simple, intuitive, three-step assessment process, teachers can record assessment grades and comments, then be able to easily search and get a heads up view of their student's progress to date.


Identify The Kids Who Need More, Sooner

The sooner your at-risk students are identified, the more likely your preventative measures will be effective. With trending and performance reports available at your finger-tips, you will quickly be able to see who needs help where.

Data Driven Instruction, No Guessing

With real-time graphs, charts, and information on your student's progress at your fingerprints, you will know where you will need to concentrate your instruction to help your at-risk students.

Get Report Cards Done Easier, Faster

Probably at the top of your list of your most hated activities, but do not fret! All those comments, anecdotal feedback, and in-context observations will be put to good use when you can quickly assemble, group, and edit comments for each subject.


"It makes report card time so easy because all my grades and comments are organized by students, and I don't have to sift through pages and pages of notes."
Julia, grade 4 (YRDSB)

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